Top Hookup Kinks

When we talk about hot sex the obvious top hookup sexual fantasy is to have sex in different places. Some women are comfortable having sex in the kitchen or laundry room, other women are more adventurous and open to sex in public places like the street, park, or beach. Some women enjoy sex in dark stairwells, some women love having sex in public places with a group of people, and other women love to have sex in secluded rooms at night.

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To some people these places sound like a real bad idea and they would never even think about having sex in those places, but if you are one of those people then you don’t really understand what it’s like to have the type of sex that these women experience. There is no such thing as a bad or “wrong” place to have sex as long as you are not hurting anyone and if your partner is not hurt then great, go ahead and have sex anywhere that you choose.

The top hookup kink that women all over the world have found that they have a huge passion for is sex in different places. One of the most popular hookup kinks is sex in public places. This is probably because the fact is that it is free and very easy to have sex in public places, so many men get turned on by this reason alone.

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Another popular hookup kink that women all over the world have found is sex in different positions. There is nothing wrong with being able to have sex in a specific position, it’s just not as fun to do as sex in a certain position would be. Some of the more popular and common sex positions are doggy style, cowgirl style, and the famous rear entry position. If you have never tried these positions then you should definitely try them out, you never know you might love them and you could turn out to be the next super sex kitten.